Loss is such a complicated emotional state – a mixture between remembering the fantastic times you had together and the crushing emptiness you have inside when it’s gone.

I never really thought I had an emotional connection to anything until now. I mean all those memories, conversations and helpful reminders!

Some of you may have realised by now that I’m not talking about a person but in fact … my mobile phone! 

I am so embarrassed that I feel like this but I am genuinely gutted that I have lost my beautiful little Samsung. 

I think the worst thing is the phone numbers and the photos that I hadn’t backed up that I will now never be able to get back. 

Turns out that leaving your phone in the back of a taxi isn’t the best idea and you most definitely will never see that precious part of your life again.

It has made me realise however how completely reliant I was on the device. When asked how to get somewhere I couldn’t even work it out. I have gone from being able to read a map to not even trying anymore because of Google! 

I fear for the lives of children growing up and wonder what the future holds for those who have never been without the internet on a mobile phone! 

Anyway enough negatively – I have moved over to the dark side and now have an iPhone (which I definetly don’t know how to use yet!)