#Day5 – #100daysofhappiness

Now I’m not going to lie to you, these posts have been slightly sober for my liking.

So to day 5 – Wine.

I love a glass of wine at the end of a long day. Whether it be socialising with friends, curled up watching a movie or paired with some beautiful food it really can’t be beaten in the alcohol world.



#Day4 – #100daysofhappiness

Day 4 brings my ever growing collection of dinosaurs!

I love dinosaurs and have spent hours at the Natural History Museum (in London and New York!!) looking at the dinosaurs and being amazed that they used to live on this exact planet so many years ago! It’s also interesting to see that some animals that are still alive are descendants from the dinosaurs!

The other reason I am absolutely in love with this photograph is that in the background (past the truly incredible examples of dinosaurs haha!) is a photograph of myself, my little brother and my great-grandmother who I was lucky to be able to meet. My Nan taught me my manners, how to behave like a lady and to truly love everything in life and I really do believe it is because of her support and advice when I was a child that I am the person I am now.

So day 4 is to dinosaurs and life lessons – two things I never thought I would ever say in the same sentence!!

day4 - dinosaurs

#Day 3 – #100 Days of Happiness

20 years ago, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was released in the UK.

I have loved every book, every film, every character (even the evil and mean ones!!) It really is a franchise that has had an impact on children’s and adult’s lives.

The four houses represented something different for each of us and we all knew which we really wanted to be in. For Griffindor you were brave, loyal, courageous, adventurous, daring and chivalrous. For Ravenclaw you were wise, intelligent, creative, clever and knowledgeable. For Hufflepuff you were loyal and patient, dedicated to hard work. And finally for Slytherin, the cunning, resourceful, intelligent and determined.

So for my #day3 of #100daysofhappiness it goes to you J.K Rowling and a series that has transformed a generation!



So… Wedding Dress Shopping

So, I went wedding dress shopping for the first time with my mum and there are so many things that I just didn’t know beforehand. For instance; bra or no bra, tan or no tan, where do you even start???

If you’re like me and slightly body conscious,  getting naked in front of what is a complete stranger can be quite unnerving! However, the experience that I did have was so much fun…. I’ll let you in on some hints and tips on what to expect when heading out for your first dress shopping (note… not fitting!!)

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So … I started a degree

Yes, you read that correctly…

I am now a member of the Open University studying towards a BSc Natural Sciences degree! Very, Very Exciting!

As I still need to work, I will be studying part time which takes my graduation date to… 2022! 6 years!

As much as I am excited, I do sometimes get this feeling of dread that I have taken far too much on. Here’s the low-down on what’s happening next year so far:

– Full-time job

– Studying for a degree

– Getting married

– Running a half marathon

I mean really… how am I going to fit all that it?! I really hate running so I will be totally doing this for charity. I will post up more details of my fundraising page at a later date as people love to sponsor people to watch them suffer!

It should make for a really interesting year despite being busy – I’ll have lots to update you on though!

I am, as well, definitely going to try and update my blog more often too (as I know currently I’m rubbish!)

So it’s A Few Weeks In …

and I love it!

A new job can always be daunting, especially when you’re dropped in the deep end, but having new challenges and a new outlook is amazing and so refreshing.

I went to an event on Thursday run by the IDM as part of their Annual Lecture and the speaker was so inspirational – Ajaz Ahmed started his business when he was 21 years old and now AKQA employs 2000 people across 17 offices worldwide! He was talking about the background of his new book called Limitless that delves into the enduring philosophy that many people should adopt to become great leaders. Through the case studies that asre presented (including Ford, Lego and Netflix to name a few) Ajaz outlines how their Leadership styles have stood the test of time. Definitely one to read.

That was only the first week!

I am not going to lie I am completely exhausted but have gone to some great events and met some amazing people.

I have realised that for the life of me I can’t write minutes for meetings but I’ve been told I will definitely get better with time. Also that my face says a thousand words when I don’t understand something and that I really must get that under wraps haha! Despite it only being my 3rd week (just!) I have learnt such a ridiculous amount.

On another note, I got my first pair of Virtual Reality glasses! They’re the cardboard ones that you put your phone in but they are pretty interesting the way it works. I would definitely tell you to get some and try them out, you just build them (which is surprising as I can’t build anything) and then stick your smartphone in the front once you’ve downloaded the app – there’s loads of different maps that you can download.

So I started my new and exciting journey and I’ll keep you updated on what I get up to there is a European CamperVanning Trip coming up – try not to get too excited 🙂