#Day 1 – #100 Days of Happiness

So I took and impromptu trip home this weekend to see my family and this loveable rascal called Angus.

Definitely, love cuddles off this one but we did fall out slightly when he laddered my tights! Haha!

Angus has been part of the family for a few years now and it’s so lovely to have a little buddy to watch Love Island with me (especially as he can’t judge my poor television taste).




#100 Days of Happiness

So … why did I start such a crazy, time-consuming thing?

I’m currently organising my wedding and although the day is obviously about me and my other half getting hitched, I’ve realised that I can no longer have a conversation without somebody asking me how the preparations are going! I can’t even remember what I talked to people about beforehand.

Now please don’t get me wrong, I am so excited about the wedding and really looking forward to spending the rest of m life with him but have recently been feeling that this is all my life is about (and to be fair, planning this thing really is all encompassing!!)

Therefore I have decided it’s time for some self-love.

100 days – 100 pictures – 100 posts

This won’t be so hard right?