#Day4 – #100daysofhappiness

Day 4 brings my ever growing collection of dinosaurs!

I love dinosaurs and have spent hours at the Natural History Museum (in London and New York!!) looking at the dinosaurs and being amazed that they used to live on this exact planet so many years ago! It’s also interesting to see that some animals that are still alive are descendants from the dinosaurs!

The other reason I am absolutely in love with this photograph is that in the background (past the truly incredible examples of dinosaurs haha!) is a photograph of myself, my little brother and my great-grandmother who I was lucky to be able to meet. My Nan taught me my manners, how to behave like a lady and to truly love everything in life and I really do believe it is because of her support and advice when I was a child that I am the person I am now.

So day 4 is to dinosaurs and life lessons – two things I never thought I would ever say in the same sentence!!

day4 - dinosaurs