So… what next?

It’s been a busy few month in the Lizzie household, with wedding planning, holidays and of course Christmas Prep. So what’s coming up in the next few weeks?

  • Tonight I’m hosting my first Women in Technology – London meet up. I’m worrying that no one will show up
  • Manchester on the weekend
  • Next week I have my first ever Awards Ceremony hosted by the DMA at Billingsgate Market (V. excited!)
  • I have my first Christmas party of the season (just in December so it’s allowed!)
  • Flying to Slovakia and back in a Weekend for fun
  • Another Christmas party!
  • more Wedding planning
  • more Christmas planning
  • Sleep… at some point I hope
  • and of course… my degree I’m supposed to be completing haha

At least I’ll have a lot to talk about!


So … Hotel Chocolat

On a recent trip to St. Lucia we went on a fantastic excursion that I will share with you!

I’d never been to the Caribbean before and so in order to have some winter sun it seemed like the perfect opportunity to go. The flight was really long, 9 hours, but I had the entertainment of a few films – the new Ghostbusters is fabulous by the way!!

When we arrived, it was beautiful! So warm and sunny compared to miserable old England!

Setting off about half 8am we were driven to a harbour and boarded a boat that would take us down the Island, it was an amazing view from the water and we slowly but surely gained ground to the South side of the Island. Getting off the boat we were immediately but into a van and driven to Hotel Chocolat’s Rabot Estate.

We pre-ordered our lunch and then went out on a balcony to start making our own chocolate. The lady was quite scary not going to lie to you! She explained the history of chocolate and how it was discovered. We then had to smash and grind our cocoa nibs for half an hour!! For someone that is not used to this, half an hour is such a long time to be grinding with a pestle and mortar haha! Once we had an ice cream like consistency we could add the cocoa butter and stir the mixture for another half an hour slowly adding sugar as we went to make the dark chocolate we’d created much less bitter.

Putting the mixture in the mold, it was handed over to be put in the fridge to set whilst we had lunch in the Boucan restaurant. The food was fabulous – everything had cocoa in it! The bread, the oil, my rice, my pudding. Such a good atmosphere and meal.

Once we’d finished dinner we recieved our chocolate and headed out to view a cocoa tree then were put back into the taxi and then on a boat home.

We were supposed to have a sunset ride on the boat home but naturally the weather turned bad and we got a lightning show instead!!

Just an FYI if you would like to have dinner in a Hotel Chocolat restaurant then you don’t need to travel quite as far as they have just opened a restaurant in Borough Market, London.

So… Wedding Dress Shopping

So, I went wedding dress shopping for the first time with my mum and there are so many things that I just didn’t know beforehand. For instance; bra or no bra, tan or no tan, where do you even start???

If you’re like me and slightly body conscious,  getting naked in front of what is a complete stranger can be quite unnerving! However, the experience that I did have was so much fun…. I’ll let you in on some hints and tips on what to expect when heading out for your first dress shopping (note… not fitting!!)

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So … I started a degree

Yes, you read that correctly…

I am now a member of the Open University studying towards a BSc Natural Sciences degree! Very, Very Exciting!

As I still need to work, I will be studying part time which takes my graduation date to… 2022! 6 years!

As much as I am excited, I do sometimes get this feeling of dread that I have taken far too much on. Here’s the low-down on what’s happening next year so far:

– Full-time job

– Studying for a degree

– Getting married

– Running a half marathon

I mean really… how am I going to fit all that it?! I really hate running so I will be totally doing this for charity. I will post up more details of my fundraising page at a later date as people love to sponsor people to watch them suffer!

It should make for a really interesting year despite being busy – I’ll have lots to update you on though!

I am, as well, definitely going to try and update my blog more often too (as I know currently I’m rubbish!)

So … Campervan Trip to Snowdonia!

So for the first time ever and I writing to you at 9am sat in the beautiful sunshine in Snowdonia National Park.

Please don’t confuse this with me never being to Snowdonia, I have on numerous occasions, it has just always been dull or raining so this is delightful!

Bertie the Campervan joined our family about 8 months ago and this seems to be the only time in the UK that it has actually turned out beautifully!

We’re currently in Gwern gof Isaf campsite and despite it being incredibly busy we’ve found a perfect spot by the stream. I would say however the if you are planning on coming here I really don’t think you need to pre-book as they don’t take your name on arrival but do come early because about 7pm the site is completely full.

We survived through a massive storm last night which probably explains the beautiful weather this morning. I did feel very sorry for all the people in tents as the rain was pelting down and the thunder was ever shaking our van. This morning, though, everyone seems unscathed!

I would love to write more but for now, I’m going to soak in the view eating a bacon sandwich!

So… Wedding Venues!

So following on from my last post I am now organising a wedding for next year and turns out you need to book things really really far in advance!!

We were quite chilled about the whole thing until just recently we were at a birthday party when a florist started asking us about our plans for the wedding and how we were getting on with the planning. Our plan was to wait until the Summer was over and then start the planning! That is when the bombshell hit that as a florist, she is booked out for the entirety of 2017 already…

That being the case, naturally the panic set in and the spreadsheets came out! My partner and I are self-confessed spreadsheet nerds so we currently have 5 wedding spreadsheets! 5!!

I added almost 50 venues that after calling and checking availability weren’t suitable. 20 more venues later and we finally had a few to see.

We have now been to see 6 venues and worked out a few truths for ourselves:

  1. Some people try to literally sell you grass for about £4000
  2. Marquees are also damn expensive
  3. Some barn venues are actual barns, less of a venue

However, when you find the perfect place, and it sounds totally lame ass, you just know that it’s the right one. I’m not sure how or why but you do!

The place we chose is beautiful and I can actually see myself getting married there (I know this sounds silly). I can see my guests enjoying themselves and rain or shine it will be a fabulous party!


So what to say when he pops the big question…

Yes, of course!

I recently got engaged to a wonderful man and I couldn’t be happier.

So what’s the story? 

3 and a half years ago my life was very different. I was working in a bar and had incredibly unsociable working hours (which never helps when you want to meet people) so my friend suggested I got into online dating.

After a few glasses of wine we set up my profile on Plenty of Fish to see what it was like. Being completely alien to this online dating I thought that everyone would be normal, reasonable people… how wrong could I be!

I received a lot of images of mens body parts that I can honestly say I never ever want to see again! I mean no hello just the picture as the opening to the email to what they would like to be a long and meaningful relationship. I don’t think so…

So truth be told the only people I were replying to would be those that firstly said hello and secondly were interested in myself and my life. Long story short he was one of them and since meeting at the beautiful Angelic pub in Angel, London we’ve never looked back.

Was I expecting it and how did he propose?

I have answered this question a lot since the proposal!!

No I wasn’t expecting it at all. Not one bit.

He had been working late a lot the few weeks before and I was getting very concerned but it turns out that this was all in preparation for the proposal!

On the day we had been out the night before and so naturally we were both feeling quite worse for wear so decided to go for a picnic in Greenwich. After having some food he asked whether I would like to open a present (as it was close to my birthday I thought nothing of it) and obviously I said yes!

He had a made a beautiful scrapbook  containing all of our firsts (first date, first dinner, first holiday etc…) and added lots of pictures of us together and little notes of our time together. At the end of the scrapbook there was a note saying here’s to many more first and as I turned the page there was the loveliest ring tied in the back.

How sweet!

So what now?

Now we have to start looking at our lists and venues that fit, we have a large family so I imagine it will be a big wedding. Then comes stationary, plans, dresses, food, wine and the cake!

I’ll let you know how we get on 🙂