Fine Line Review – Canary Wharf

I visited Fine Line last Friday and I have to say, I wasn’t impressed. I very rarely write a bad review about a bar as it does take a lot to make me unimpressed.

However, in the first instance it was a beautiful evening and therefore everyone was crowded outside. I got told by the bouncer that if I was drinking with Fine Line that I needed to stay within their area … there was no room but he insisted.

After this I popped to the bathrooms and they were in a terrible state. There was no toilet roll and it looked like they hadn’t taken a look in there all night.

I then went to the bar to get some shots for my friend and I and they had run out of a lot of the options that I asked for, including Baileys and Sambuca.

I bought my friend here as it was recommended by somebody and I feel really disappointed that it wasn’t up to the standards I thought it would be. I may have caught them on a bad night but I honestly feel that some of those things could have been avoided easily and it would have changed completely what I have written.


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