House Hunting

Over the last couple of days, we have seen about 30 different properties scattered around the UAE.

I am slightly exhausted (although over the jet lag now!)

Some of the houses were fantastic – beautiful views, good size and layout, great location, and lovely well informed estate agents.

14th 2

Others however not so much.

We saw one property, a duplex apartment that I immediately fell in love with. It was a good size and I liked the idea of going upstairs to bed in an apartment (Since moving to London 10 years ago I haven’t actually had to go upstairs to bed which is odd don’t you think!) This was the perfect apartment … on the ground floor… We then went upstairs and someone had built a wall, yes a wall, across all of the upstairs windows so there was no view and no light coming in. WHY?! Such a sinking feeling! Why on earth would you do that?

We had specifically requested to see properties with balconies as we now live in a country where we will be able to actually enjoy the weather, not rainy England. Some of the properties we were shown did indeed have balconies but they were so skinny that you could just about stand out there, nevermind put tables and chairs out on it.

Most of the other properties were fabulous and I think we may have found where we want to live, I am heading back this morning to look at different options in the development and hopefully, have something secured soon – how exciting!

14th 1


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