So… what next?

It’s been a busy few month in the Lizzie household, with wedding planning, holidays and of course Christmas Prep. So what’s coming up in the next few weeks?

  • Tonight I’m hosting my first Women in Technology – London meet up. I’m worrying that no one will show up
  • Manchester on the weekend
  • Next week I have my first ever Awards Ceremony hosted by the DMA at Billingsgate Market (V. excited!)
  • I have my first Christmas party of the season (just in December so it’s allowed!)
  • Flying to Slovakia and back in a Weekend for fun
  • Another Christmas party!
  • more Wedding planning
  • more Christmas planning
  • Sleep… at some point I hope
  • and of course… my degree I’m supposed to be completing haha

At least I’ll have a lot to talk about!


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