So … Hotel Chocolat

On a recent trip to St. Lucia we went on a fantastic excursion that I will share with you!

I’d never been to the Caribbean before and so in order to have some winter sun it seemed like the perfect opportunity to go. The flight was really long, 9 hours, but I had the entertainment of a few films – the new Ghostbusters is fabulous by the way!!

When we arrived, it was beautiful! So warm and sunny compared to miserable old England!

Setting off about half 8am we were driven to a harbour and boarded a boat that would take us down the Island, it was an amazing view from the water and we slowly but surely gained ground to the South side of the Island. Getting off the boat we were immediately but into a van and driven to Hotel Chocolat’s Rabot Estate.

We pre-ordered our lunch and then went out on a balcony to start making our own chocolate. The lady was quite scary not going to lie to you! She explained the history of chocolate and how it was discovered. We then had to smash and grind our cocoa nibs for half an hour!! For someone that is not used to this, half an hour is such a long time to be grinding with a pestle and mortar haha! Once we had an ice cream like consistency we could add the cocoa butter and stir the mixture for another half an hour slowly adding sugar as we went to make the dark chocolate we’d created much less bitter.

Putting the mixture in the mold, it was handed over to be put in the fridge to set whilst we had lunch in the Boucan restaurant. The food was fabulous – everything had cocoa in it! The bread, the oil, my rice, my pudding. Such a good atmosphere and meal.

Once we’d finished dinner we recieved our chocolate and headed out to view a cocoa tree then were put back into the taxi and then on a boat home.

We were supposed to have a sunset ride on the boat home but naturally the weather turned bad and we got a lightning show instead!!

Just an FYI if you would like to have dinner in a Hotel Chocolat restaurant then you don’t need to travel quite as far as they have just opened a restaurant in Borough Market, London.


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