So… Wedding Dress Shopping

So, I went wedding dress shopping for the first time with my mum and there are so many things that I just didn’t know beforehand. For instance; bra or no bra, tan or no tan, where do you even start???

If you’re like me and slightly body conscious,  getting naked in front of what is a complete stranger can be quite unnerving! However, the experience that I did have was so much fun…. I’ll let you in on some hints and tips on what to expect when heading out for your first dress shopping (note… not fitting!!)

The thing is… the women that are helping you have done this a thousand times. They have seen all body sizes, shapes, all different skin tones and if I’m honest they make you feel so comfortable. However,  if you do feel awkward…. leave. I have heard horror stories and you shouldn’t stay and you definitely shouldn’t purchase from a shop that makes you feel uncomfortable as you are going to have to go back at least twice for your fittings!

So … to tan or not to tan? 

Being the palest person in the world, naturally, my first thought was to immediately tan up when trying wedding dresses on. My mum, thankfully, persuaded me not to due to the fact that if I got fake tan on a dress that cost 4 grand someone may shoot me! Turns out, my mum in all her wisdom had a good point. I found a dress that I didn’t need to tan up for as they’re not all white! Crazy I know! I’ve gone for an ivory which compliments my skin so well!

So… bra or not to bra? 

This totally depends on how booby you are. I’m not in any way and despite me taking a strapless one anyway, most of the dresses have them built in for your cupsize. If you are very booby however I would recommend taking a few different bras to see whether they would match the dresses. At this point, it doesn’t matter about the colour of the bra either as your just seeing what you would need.

So … should I take my own heels?

If you know what shoes you will be wearing then yes take them. However, if I’m honest, the first time you see the dresses they’re all made extra long anyway so it doesn’t really make a difference. It’s your first fitting that you need your shoes for so they can pin it to floor length.

So… should I do my hair the way it’ll be on the day?

If you know what your hair i going to be like when you’re trying your first dress on then you’re way ahead of me! Personally, I don’t think it matters, it will matter on your first or second fitting if you want a veil.

So …. What’s the most important thing about dress fittings?


Listen to your body. If a dress is too heavy, take it off, you’ll be in it for 10 hours. If you don’t think a dress looks right, take it off, you’ll be the one wearing it in the pictures.

Even if you have to lock yourself away to make it, it is your decision and you will look fabulous!




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