So … I started a degree

Yes, you read that correctly…

I am now a member of the Open University studying towards a BSc Natural Sciences degree! Very, Very Exciting!

As I still need to work, I will be studying part time which takes my graduation date to… 2022! 6 years!

As much as I am excited, I do sometimes get this feeling of dread that I have taken far too much on. Here’s the low-down on what’s happening next year so far:

– Full-time job

– Studying for a degree

– Getting married

– Running a half marathon

I mean really… how am I going to fit all that it?! I really hate running so I will be totally doing this for charity. I will post up more details of my fundraising page at a later date as people love to sponsor people to watch them suffer!

It should make for a really interesting year despite being busy – I’ll have lots to update you on though!

I am, as well, definitely going to try and update my blog more often too (as I know currently I’m rubbish!)


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