Campervan Trip to Snowdonia!

So for the first time ever and I writing to you at 9am sat in the beautiful sunshine in Snowdonia National Park.

Please don’t confuse this with me never being to Snowdonia, I have on numerous occasions, it has just always been dull or raining so this is delightful!

Bertie the Campervan joined our family about 8 months ago and this seems to be the only time in the UK that it has actually turned out beautifully!

We’re currently in Gwern gof Isaf campsite and despite it being incredibly busy we’ve found a perfect spot by the stream. I would say however the if you are planning on coming here I really don’t think you need to pre-book as they don’t take your name on arrival but do come early because about 7pm the site is completely full.

We survived through a massive storm last night which probably explains the beautiful weather this morning. I did feel very sorry for all the people in tents as the rain was pelting down and the thunder was ever shaking our van. This morning, though, everyone seems unscathed!

I would love to write more but for now, I’m going to soak in the view eating a bacon sandwich!


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