So… Wedding Venues!

So following on from my last post I am now organising a wedding for next year and turns out you need to book things really really far in advance!!

We were quite chilled about the whole thing until just recently we were at a birthday party when a florist started asking us about our plans for the wedding and how we were getting on with the planning. Our plan was to wait until the Summer was over and then start the planning! That is when the bombshell hit that as a florist, she is booked out for the entirety of 2017 already…

That being the case, naturally the panic set in and the spreadsheets came out! My partner and I are self-confessed spreadsheet nerds so we currently have 5 wedding spreadsheets! 5!!

I added almost 50 venues that after calling and checking availability weren’t suitable. 20 more venues later and we finally had a few to see.

We have now been to see 6 venues and worked out a few truths for ourselves:

  1. Some people try to literally sell you grass for about £4000
  2. Marquees are also damn expensive
  3. Some barn venues are actual barns, less of a venue

However, when you find the perfect place, and it sounds totally lame ass, you just know that it’s the right one. I’m not sure how or why but you do!

The place we chose is beautiful and I can actually see myself getting married there (I know this sounds silly). I can see my guests enjoying themselves and rain or shine it will be a fabulous party!



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