So what to say when he pops the big question…

Yes, of course!

I recently got engaged to a wonderful man and I couldn’t be happier.

So what’s the story? 

3 and a half years ago my life was very different. I was working in a bar and had incredibly unsociable working hours (which never helps when you want to meet people) so my friend suggested I got into online dating.

After a few glasses of wine we set up my profile on Plenty of Fish to see what it was like. Being completely alien to this online dating I thought that everyone would be normal, reasonable people… how wrong could I be!

I received a lot of images of mens body parts that I can honestly say I never ever want to see again! I mean no hello just the picture as the opening to the email to what they would like to be a long and meaningful relationship. I don’t think so…

So truth be told the only people I were replying to would be those that firstly said hello and secondly were interested in myself and my life. Long story short he was one of them and since meeting at the beautiful Angelic pub in Angel, London we’ve never looked back.

Was I expecting it and how did he propose?

I have answered this question a lot since the proposal!!

No I wasn’t expecting it at all. Not one bit.

He had been working late a lot the few weeks before and I was getting very concerned but it turns out that this was all in preparation for the proposal!

On the day we had been out the night before and so naturally we were both feeling quite worse for wear so decided to go for a picnic in Greenwich. After having some food he asked whether I would like to open a present (as it was close to my birthday I thought nothing of it) and obviously I said yes!

He had a made a beautiful scrapbook  containing all of our firsts (first date, first dinner, first holiday etc…) and added lots of pictures of us together and little notes of our time together. At the end of the scrapbook there was a note saying here’s to many more first and as I turned the page there was the loveliest ring tied in the back.

How sweet!

So what now?

Now we have to start looking at our lists and venues that fit, we have a large family so I imagine it will be a big wedding. Then comes stationary, plans, dresses, food, wine and the cake!

I’ll let you know how we get on 🙂


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