So I Quit My Job…

So why?

I quit my job because I liked the people. I quit my job because the only reason I was staying was because I liked the people.

I am almost certain that the majority of people stay where they are because they like the other people who work there. I hated my job, but despite this I stayed because I liked the people around me and the company I was working for.

I stayed, I worked late, I worked hard and I got stressed … because I liked the people. I liked my clients, my company was great and I had a lot of fun but I just didn’t like the actual thing I was employed to do.

The more I pondered how I was feeling at work, the more I realised how little I wanted to be there. I was constantly looking at the clock for lunch time or when a reasonable time would be to go home. I wanted to do something I was passionate about, something that meant I wasn’t watching the clock and I didn’t mind staying late because I loved what I did.

An opportunity arose and I jumped at it. Now that I have this amazing new role but I am slightly embarrassed by the fact that I never got out there and searched for a job myself, it took another person to make me jump ship. I find this odd as I don’t normally shy away from problems and would rather tackle them head on, so what? Fear?

I was doing some research before writing this and the majority of articles that I was reading in regards to why people stay in jobs they dislike mainly form around Fear. Fear of the unknown or better the devil you know. And this makes total sense. I wasn’t bad at my job and I was comfortable with the people around me so I guess I was afraid of what might happen in a new company. Would I like the people? Would I make friends as easy? Would I actually like this job?

After a number of interviews (including one with the CEO!) and about a million conversations with my headhunter I did it – I accepted the offer and I start on Monday!

I am excited. I am nervous. But most of all, I am happy.

I’ll let you know how I get on!!



One thought on “So I Quit My Job…

  1. The research that you did all came up with the same answer because, it is true. People become accustomed to the security and contentment that they find where they have been for years. The question they need to be asking themselves is, is that job bringing them growth? Is it further developing them? Is there room to advance into a different position? Are they passionate about what they are doing? No one should have to stay at a place that they don’t belong just for the sake of paying bills.

    We aren’t meant for that, we are meant for more. We are meant to live our passions, and dreams. We are meant to chase after those dreams, and setting realistic goals even if it’s in baby steps to pursue that for ourselves because we deserve it, and we are worth it.

    I spent years stuck in secure jobs, most of the time unlike yourself I didn’t even like the people that I worked with because, I can’t stand catty, gossiping people that would rather gossip all day than actually do their jobs. I hated the fact that I found myself on more than one occasion practically having to beg to be able to use the restroom when I was a receptionist, I hated the fact that if my backups were all backed up with work I couldn’t use the bathroom or, even take a lunch break never being able to leave the desk even one time. Years of this went by, and then my mom was diagnosed with cancer, terminally ill, and on her death bed, and the end all be all moment for me was the moment that I was rushing my mom to the hospital and they gave me a 2pm deadline to be in the office “or else”. Or Else what – my mom died 2 days later, and I was so scared of losing her, and my job at the same time I had to choose my job.

    The conclusion that I came to is no one should ever have that much power over you, your career, your happiness or, even your family – hence EmBe Writes, and it took a big leap of faith for me to get where I am today let me tell you right now, and yet, I’m so glad that I did.

    Good for you on choosing growth and evolving. You won’t regret it.

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